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Beach Portraits, whether large or small group, are always done in the late afternoon or early evening to provide the most complimentary light.  I shoot only one job a day so I can schedule your shoot for the best time and can wait for the light with you if necessary for the right conditions. It varies with the weather and changes in the season.

At the shoot, the largest grouping is taken first when the youngsters are their best. Smaller family groupings are then done next so that attention can be paid to the younger children. If it is a large group, children can always be photographed later, after being given a small timeout to roam and relax themselves. I am extremely good with children, not because I coax them, but simply let them be themselves and relax.

I post as many photos as necessary on my site for you to choose from. The number is never exact but depends on the size of the group and needs of the families. Generally, I pick out about three dozen photos to display on the website for you to choose from, but I will post more if needed to make sure the client is satisfied. Both my email and phone numbers are provided and advice freely given, and questions are actually encouraged.